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This is unreal. In the wake of the worst Metro accident in Washington D.C. history, PR for the DC transit system is going from really bad to rock bottom.

Check out this YouTube video, which apparently shows a metro operator falling asleep at the helm!

(first reported by NBC washington).

Part of me feels bad for the guy. It’s gotta be monotonous driving one of those trains. But Metro doesn’t need this. Not now.


There are two unmistakeably fatal flaws in the DC metro transit system, as it currently stands:

1. It doesn’t get my ass to Georgetown.
2. A key area of NoVA is “NoCanDo”, because the genius minds who built the Orange line decided to go toward CENTREVILLE instead of TYSONS CORNER/DULLES AIRPORT.

Seriously, what’s in Centreville???
349203604_d20ed14de8_b You may have heard recently about the fabled “Silver” line. For years, Virginia transit authorities have talked about building a new line, branching off at East Falls Church, toward Tysons Corner, Reston, Herdon, and finally the Dulles airport and Sterling.

In 2004, rumors were put to rest when the Silver line project received formal approval, and preparations were made to expand the metro rail. As a former resident of Reston, and a big fan of the Dulles airport, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the construction of the rail.

But the Washington Business Journal dealt a huge blow to my hopes when it reported over the weekend that efforts to tunnel the metro beneath Tyson’s Corner may grind to a halt, due to a lawsuit from local environmental groups, including the Sierra Club and Tysons Tunnel Inc.

According to a statement issued by these groups, the project’s bidding process features irregularities that could eventually harm the environment.

“The lack of competitive bidding is the focus of the forthcoming lawsuit, which may also be instrumental in forcing a reassessment of Virginia’s Public Private Transportation Act, under which the project was advanced,” said the Great Falls Sierra Club’s latest newsletter. “There are many problems with that Act, including procedures making it easier to circumvent federal requirements such as the National Environmental Policy Act and the requirements for competitive bidding.”

Pardon me for freaking out, but if for some reason the local Sierra Club prevents this line from actually happening, I am going to paint the Green line silver in protest.