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329893_617173155Apparently, Alicia Hughes ran for city council in Alexandria without being a resident of Alexandria, OR the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Only problem is, she won.

The Alexandria Gazette Packet reports today:

“With less than two weeks before [Alicia Hughes] is sworn into office…three Democratic campaign contributors filed a complaint with city officials charging that Hughes was not a properly registered voter in the city of Alexandria at the time she filed for candidacy on March 3.

Registrar Tom Parkins has scheduled a June 25 hearing to consider Hughes’ eligibility to vote in Alexandria. To become a registered voter in Virginia, applicants need to be a resident of the commonwealth, not claiming residency in another state.

The three individuals bringing the complaint plan to present evidence that Hughes received a homestead exemption on a house she owns in Baltimore…”

If Ms. Hughes truly is a resident of Maryland, this could be Alexandria’s biggest “what were you thinking?!?” moment of the year. Seriously, it’s this simple: if your drivers license says “Maryland”, you can’t run for political office in “Virginia”.

Please stay tuned for tomorrow’s blooper: “Alexandria mayor attempts to annex Anacostia and name the resulting territory ‘Barack Obama'”.