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I don’t know what’s more unsettling, the fact that I had pork chops last night, or the fact that Sarah Palin is unraveling before our eyes via Twitter, of all mediums.


I’ll choose the former, because Channel News 8 is reporting that an Alexandria man has died of complications from the “swine flu” virus.

That’s right folks, swine flu has hit the Alexandria shores, and it has probably already infected me via delicious, local-butcher-bought, grilled pork chop.

According to Channel News 8, victim David Twomey could have been any of us. He was 27 years old, and “had two passions in life — communications and politics”.


But I guess there are worse ways to die.


329893_617173155Apparently, Alicia Hughes ran for city council in Alexandria without being a resident of Alexandria, OR the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Only problem is, she won.

The Alexandria Gazette Packet reports today:

“With less than two weeks before [Alicia Hughes] is sworn into office…three Democratic campaign contributors filed a complaint with city officials charging that Hughes was not a properly registered voter in the city of Alexandria at the time she filed for candidacy on March 3.

Registrar Tom Parkins has scheduled a June 25 hearing to consider Hughes’ eligibility to vote in Alexandria. To become a registered voter in Virginia, applicants need to be a resident of the commonwealth, not claiming residency in another state.

The three individuals bringing the complaint plan to present evidence that Hughes received a homestead exemption on a house she owns in Baltimore…”

If Ms. Hughes truly is a resident of Maryland, this could be Alexandria’s biggest “what were you thinking?!?” moment of the year. Seriously, it’s this simple: if your drivers license says “Maryland”, you can’t run for political office in “Virginia”.

Please stay tuned for tomorrow’s blooper: “Alexandria mayor attempts to annex Anacostia and name the resulting territory ‘Barack Obama'”.