Picture courtesy of www.ffwhite.com

Picture courtesy of http://www.ffwhite.com

Back in 2005, Congressman William Jefferson‘s (D-LA) home in Northeast DC was raided by federal agents, who found $90,000 of cash in the freezer, in “$10,000 increments wrapped in aluminum foil and stuffed inside frozen-food containers.”

A federal grand jury indicted Jefferson in ’07, and the trial’s opening arguments were heard today in Alexandria.

According to the Blog of LegalTimes, of the 16 counts the now ex-Congressman faces, the greatest speculation has focused on charges that he planned to give the vice president of Nigeria a $100,000 bribe in return for the vice president’s supporting a business deal in his country.”

Jefferson’s legal defense claims that FBl agents “wrote the script” and “directed the action” to set up their client, drawing him unwillingly into their trap of corruption and scandal.