dollars-obamaBarack Obama emailed me yesterday, telling me that Creigh Deeds is a “dedicated public servant” in the mold of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. He also asked for some of my money.

I thought what we had was special, but given the 200+ articles a google-news-search coughed up today about the email, I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one to get it.

(I SWEAR I made eye contact with him at the inauguration. He was staring so intently at me through my TV.)

The email reminded me that Obama’s fundraising star-power is unparalleled in today’s politics. He put on a clinic in the 2008 elections, building a multilateral fundraising base that leaned heavily on new technologies to promote the Obama brand.

Democratic enthusiasm has worn down a bit in the wake of Obama’s historic run. But does an extremely popular president have the ability to give Deeds the edge in what’s predicted to be a tight race?

Deeds lost to McDonnell in the 2005 race for State Attorney General. By 360 votes.

Whether or not Obama can get Deeds the 360 votes is the million dollar question, literally.

But if Deeds can convince Obama to continue lending support, the newly-minted Democratic candidate for VA Governor will make things difficult for his Republican opponent.