The Telegraph Road Interchange

The Telegraph Road Interchange

Keeping with the theme of transit, new ramps opened this morning to facilitate smoother traffic between the Beltway’s Thru Lanes and Alexandria’s Eisenhower Valley, according to the Washington Post.

One ramp is for drivers coming from the Inner Loop Thru Lanes to Mill Road/Eisenhower Avenue. Another ramp will take traffic the opposite way, from Mill Road/Eisenhower Avenue to the Outer Loop Thru Lanes.

The ramps are about midway between the interchanges of Route 1 and Telegraph Road. The Post reports that it “should provide relief for drivers who had been using those two interchanges to connect with Eisenhower Valley, now a busy area, thanks to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a U.S. District Court and new housing and commercial development.”

The ramp opening is the latest development in the Wilson Bridge Project, which is currently focused on the Telegraph Road interchange.