On May 31, the Washington Post released an op-ed endorsing Jody Wagner in the Democratic primary for Virginia lieutenant governor.ny12001091551.widec

The op-ed focuses primarily on Ms. Wagner’s credentials, and why she is the preferable option in the primary. However, the Post angered former Governor Jim Gilmore by saying that Ms. Wagner “helped extricate Virginia from the risky fiscal policies of former governor Jim Gilmore.”

Gilmore fired back last week in a response op-ed that ran in the Post, as well as on his blog:

“As governor, I did not exercise “risky fiscal policies.” My administration created nearly 200,000 jobs, enhanced the technology industry and began rebuilding the Wilson Bridge and Springfield Interchange. We added 4,000 teachers and dramatically increased the budget of George Mason University. We put $1 billion into the rainy-day fund and delivered the car tax cut.”

Gilmore also highlighted some of the recent fiscal bloopers committed by Virginia’s Democratic leadership:

“In 2002, [Governor] Warner and Ms. Wagner declared a $6 billion shortfall that independent journalists say never existed. Mr. Warner and Ms. Wagner later underestimated revenue and forced a $1.4 billion tax increase. Two months after this tax increase passed, they discovered no deficit but a $1.1 billion surplus. In 2007, Ms. Wagner reported a shortfall of $200 million to $400 million in the state budget. She had overestimated revenue. In 2008, revenue was overstated by $1 billion to justify more spending.”

Gilmore’s response goes on – you get the gist. Some pretty tough rhetoric from a guy who only won 34% of the vote in the 2008 election for Senate (although, to be fair, his landslide loss was partially due to the Obama bubble).