When it comes to following local politics, it’s often difficult to find the important information you need in one place. So, I was happy to stumble across The Virginia Gentleman‘s list of Republican candidates running for the VA House of Delegates this year:

Barbara Comstock 34th House District http://www.comstockfordelegate.com
Jim Hyland 35th House District http://www.hylandfordelegate.com
Mark Whited 36th House District http://www.whitedfordelegate.com
Danny Smith 38th House District http://www.dannyfordelegate.com
Joe Bury 39th House District http://www.joebury.com
Delegate Tim Hugo 40th House District http://www.timhugo.com
Kerry Bolognese 41st House District http://www.bolognesefordelegate.com
Delegate Dave Albo 42nd House District http://www.davealbo.com
Tim Nank 43rd House District http://www.timnank.com
Jay McConville 44th House District http://www.gojay.com
Vicki Vasques 45th House District TBA
Sasha Gong 46th House District http://www.sashagong.com
Chris Merola 53rd House District http://www.merola09.com
Jim LeMunyon 67th House District http://www.lemunyon.com
Delegate Tom Rust 86th House District http://www.tomrust.org

Check out the rest of The Virginia Gentleman’s post.