Find solace in this, you NoVA residents: your politicians also get inane speeding, car-registration and parking tickets.

Arrrgh! Parking tickets The evil part of my soul wants to say “that’s right, feeeel the pain suuuucka” to Alexandria Vice Mayor Del Pepper upon reading that he had to pay a $95 fine after receiving a speeding ticket for going 54 miles an hour in a 35-mile-an-hour zone last year.

Pepper told the Alexandria Gazette Packet this week, “I paid the fine and that’s all there is to it. I’m trying to stay in the slow lane these days.”

(My immediate reaction: how in the WORLD did he only pay $95 for driving 19 mph over the limit – 1 mph short of a reckless driving charge?)

The same Gazette article provides a seeming laundry list of minor infractions that local politicians have accrued over the past year.

In the six years I’ve lived in Northern Virginia, I’ve gotten too many petty tickets to count, which (since I’m terrible at math) means I’ve gotten more minor tickets than I’ve got fingers.

So, I have a pretty healthy sense of satisfaction in hearing that these politicians aren’t immune.

For all of my fellow Virginia residents who’ve approached their car, only to find a insta-ticket slipped under a windshield wiper by some bloodthirsty policeman: you aren’t alone.