Much has been made of the feud between Letterman and Palin that’s been dragging on over the past week. Politico’s roundup of the back-and-forth is the best I’ve seen so far.

A few highlights from Politico:

“Riffing on Palin’s trip to New York last weekend, Letterman joked Monday night that during the seventh inning of the Yankees game “her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.”

Letterman followed up on the line Tuesday night, joking that “the toughest part of her visit was keeping [former New York Gov.] Eliot Spitzer away from her daughter.”

And finally, last night he featured the Governor in his “Top Ten”. His #2 raised a few eyebrows when he joked that she “bought makeup at Bloomingdale’s to update her ‘slutty flight attendant look.'”

The best (or at least the most popular) comedy is often edgy. Think Chapelle, Dane Cook, or Demetri Martin. So, I understand what Letterman is trying to do. However, when he goes after somebody like Governor Palin three nights in a row, it begins to look like he has a vendetta.

Although, as novatownhallblog points out, Letterman did issue a disclaimer of sorts last night when he said, “you can rest assured, all of your daughters under the age of 15 are perfectly safe around me.”

I certainly don’t expect him to apologize to the governor. What he’s said falls too safely inside the parameters of today’s “comedy” (see Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell).

But do I wish Letterman would apologize anyway?