If you live in Virginia, you know that yesterday was a rough day to have an election. Thunderstorms plagued the state throughout the day, causing power outages, road blockages – all the usual chaos massive thunderstorms usually bring. Also, a firearm-related murder in Virginia Beach rocked local news headlines in the late afternoon.

I’m sure that VA Democratic party leadership will attribute the dismal turnout at the primary to these extenuating circumstances. According to reports, voter turnout in the Southwestern portion of the state was less than 1 percent. Northern Virginia experienced higher participation, but still clocked in at an uninspiring 10 percent.

In the 2008 Virginia presidential Democratic primaries, 977,586 voters went to the polls, while only 320,384 went to the polls yesterday.

For the past year or so, we’ve ceaselessly heard about high Democratic turnout, and how the Republican party is drowning in a wave of nation-wide support for Democrats. But if what we are seeing in Virginia is a trend, then the overwhelming Democratic victories in 2008 happened because Barack Obama is a rockstar and drove voters to the polls, not because voters are excited about the Democratic party in general.

With well respected Republicans entering races across the nation (Rob Portman and John Kasich in OH, Bob McDonnell in Virginia, to name a few), Democrats will quite possibly face losses in the 2010 election cycle.